By purchasing, You have acknowledged that:

1. All your purchased featured would be "permanently" effective. The word "permanently" refers to the period of time starting from the moment of your purchase, until the official declaration of service termination, which could happen at any time. In order words, your purchased features would still be considered as effective as long as the server is still in operation officially, except under certain circumstances stated below (e.g. Cheating, Violating rules, Filing a chargeback/disputes).

2. It is completely your will to contribute to the community via "donation" and I would under no circumstances regret my decision. I have acknowledged that there is a strict no refund policy. Any chargebacks and disputes will be guaranteed a permanent IP ban in return from us.

*If you are having problems with your payment, or the content you have received, please contact us. We will resolve the issue together. Taking actions through PayPal is never a wise move.

*Since this is a form of donation, you will not be allowed to request a refund for any personal reasons, and that includes: I am bored; I am banned etc... Even under the support of a sound reason, you are never allowed to "retrieve the donation" for any purposes. LeftyPVP is neither a bank nor a temporary toy.

3. There is no absolute guarantee for a staff career by making one or several transactions.

4. The rights to interpret and implement your purchased features are all reserved by the Government of LeftyPVP. Everything could be subject to change in the future, in either the name of balancing the gameplay or adding new features.

5. It is of vital importance that you have read and confirmed all the rules stated above. By purchasing, you have agreed to all the terms and conditions.